Friday, June 29, 2012

Pitiful Protest

When you take a position in public office within a democratically run nation, you are placing yourself in a system controlled by many. The president follows the will of the American people (or is supposed to, at least - see Bush-era totalitarianism), governors are expected to work within the bounds of the federal government, senators and representatives are to work within the laws of their respective states, and so on as the tree spreads. In essence, this means:


Regardless of my own feelings toward the Obamacare bill - which does indeed have many beneficial aspects that should never be repealed and would only be protested by the most monstrous excuses for human beings, though the original magnificent bill was slashed and burned by Republicans who would rather let those less fortunate die than pay a single cent more in taxes, not to mention the still-worrisome requirement to purchase health insurance which I can see easily being manipulated by big business to force Americans into genuine economic servitude - I understand that it has been signed into law. It has been ratified as constitutional by the Supreme Court. It is a national requirement.
Who the fuck thinks they can get away with openly defying the federal government when they operate within the federal government? Louisiana's governor Bobby Jindal has stated that he refuses to implement the Affordable Care Act, known in slang as Obamacare, and will work to elect Romney and repeal the act. Bob McDonnell, the governor of VA, also said that his state is in no hurry to comply with the act.

Let's take a step back and look at the facts. Let's ignore the potential for insurance companies and state governments to get even further in bed with one another and implement plans to bleed the proletariat dry. The "poorest" people to be hit with this act's taxes will be those making over $200k a year with no spouse, children or other dependents. For those with families or dependents, the minimum taxable income bracket will be even higher. So to all those bitching about how you'll be taxed to support this act, shut up. If you are taxed, you can fucking well afford it. The majority of those bitching, however, don't even know this. They just believe the generalizations spewed out by Conservative pundits who claim that everyone will be taxed. These pundits work for the same people who stopped healthcare from being available to everyone. I still don't understand how this is an issue: who doesn't want medical care if they get sick? The same dumb fucks who protest Medicare are most often those receiving Medicare.
The lies that these politicians and pundits tell aren't even very good; they can be debunked by anyone with a computer doing a quick Google search or two. This is only further proof that the Republican party thrives on the willful and vehement ignorance of its "grass-roots" base, those people who live at or beneath the poverty line yet still eagerly lap up everything Beck and Hannity spew, supporting bills that leave them ever more destitute while the rich get more wealthy, all because they refuse to educate themselves.
I can't even pity these people, as the hate they spew leads to violence and death, murder of people whose only crime was wanting to live life as they want without hurting anyone. So, all I'm left with is my own hatred, though this hate is directed at those who intentionally harm their fellow human beings, their fellow Americans, to nurse a grudge that's not even their own at the behest of overlords who actively wish them ill.

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