Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Leave me alone!"

It's the rallying cry of all indignant, overprivileged teenagers, the assertion that they somehow know more about self-sufficiency, survival and the world at large than their parents. It's also the rallying cry of the Republican party, whose constituents all seem to have the mentality of teenagers or children younger still.

From their statements, Republican sentiment is clear: they don't want a federal government, they don't even want united states, and they certainly don't want an American people. The only thing that matters to them is what each one of them can get, and the more people they have to hurt to get it, the better that 'it' must be.

Well, from hearing all of these seditious little cretins' nonstop bitching, I've come up with an idea that might work for everyone:

Allow States to Temporarily Secede

If these Republican states believe that they can function without the federal government's protection or interference, if they want the chance to prove the superiority of their governance, let them take full responsibility for it.

Take one of the most insane states in the nation, Missouri. Offer them the chance to operate entirely as they will; however, they will be denied all federal support. No more Social Security, welfare, unemployment or aid for the ACA. All government funding for education, law enforcement, and emergency aid will likewise be cut, since according to Republicans the federal government doesn't have anything to do with that anyway. No more funding for their roads or utilities, so we can look the CEOs in the eye, point to the un-maintained roads and remind them that they DIDN'T build that, and their refusal to support those who do build those things will destroy their state.

If they accept (which is unlikely, since the politicians know the truth but like to keep their base ignorant), then broadcast the results. Show the people what happens when you let theocratic tyrants control a section of America. When the American people eventually realize what a horrible thing Conservative control actually is, perhaps they'll put the current Republicans out the way of Old Yeller and elect politicians who actually want to be cautious and conservative with our nation's resources instead of abandoning everyone to die at the feet of the ultra-rich.

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  1. Would like to see that! They'd be fleeing in droves! And who would they blame?! LOL!!

    Another great post Mr. Fox!!