Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This is not a post about an arguable evil, such as the back-and-forth of Conservative and Liberal idealism. This is about evil in its purest form, causing pain and suffering for the explicit purpose of harming others, with no benefit for the inflictor of such agony other than a truly monstrous enjoyment of others' pain.


The term 'bullying' should be abolished from the English language, or at least not applied to these crimes. Honestly, I can't even say that hatred or ignorance is the cause of these acts, at least not all of them. Certainly homophobia and the conspiracy theories or moralistic high-horsing of those against gays doesn't help, but this does not explain the outright sadism displayed by students without something so easy to target. In truth, it seems that anyone perceived as weak is fair game to be destroyed simply for the sake of destruction.

This is the next generation that will steer our country: half of them emotionally shattered - those who survive - and suffering from post-traumatic stress, the other half laughing as they torture and harm others for no reason. Our future generation is literally comprised of two common personalities in Batman comics.

This is not bullying. Bullying was striking against others when you couldn't retaliate against those you truly wanted to harm, or attacking those who defy you if you were raised in opulence. This transcends such motivations and becomes pure evil.

...I honestly have little more to say on this. This goes beyond mere words. Our children are, directly or indirectly, murdering our children. And yet the biggest opponents of these acts are Cartoon Network and other children's programming sites. Parents, as a whole, seem not to care. They take no action to make sure their children are protected, or to confirm that their children are not the ones inflicting such nightmarish pain.

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  1. I agree with you - this has become more than just "bullying" and as such, more criminal charges need to be filed in all of these cases. Parents DO need to wake up - I am so sick of the ones that prefer to live in their own little bubbles of cocktail parties, volunteer work, weekends at the beach, while sacrificing their children because it is easier and less painful for THEM, the parents, to deny there is anything wrong in their picture-perfect little world. Such as their own child being abused daily on the bus, in the lunchroom, etc...!!!