Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What is this I don't even...

Intermittent Explosive Disorder.



Some scientist bastards had the gall to make up a disorder where people get angry and then name it after a terrorist weapon that has killed thousands of American soldiers and ten times that many international troops and civilians?

Moreover, not only is this just stupid on the level of inventing another disorder with a stupid definition and a stupid monogram - Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), anyone? The disorder where you get sad as it gets gray outside and the leaves fall off the trees? - but studies are coming out now saying that 2 in 3 teens go undiagnosed with IED. Teenagers, who are more and more often experiencing rampant abuse in schools and neglect at home, might be angry. But instead of offering counseling or wanting to legitimately help these kids, the fuckers just slap another label on them, call them broken, and then call it a day.

I mean, I know people are more and more inclined to just treat their kids as decorations or accessories like Paris Hilton's chihuahuas, but sometimes kids have legitimate reasons to be angry. Such reasons include, but are not limited to: being ignored and/or neglected; being harassed in school and having one's identity and sexuality challenged by increasingly violent and cruel peer pressure; growing up in a broken or unsafe home and having deep-seated issues of anger and/or abandonment that need to be talked out; and being forcibly medicated for other issues that can't be cured by tranquilizers or "shut up for mommy" pills.

ADD does actually have some legitimate backing behind it: parents who let Uncle Television babysit their little bastards are training their children to have shorter attention spans as they learn to zone out as the commercials come on. Their developing brains learn this trend and apply it to everything, since as Mommy's too busy for her baby Uncle TV is their entire world in their development stages.

But labeling angry children, most of whom have very fucking legitimate reasons to be angry, as suffering from a disorder? Labeling these upset kids as having a disorder isn't an excuse for the teens; it's an excuse for the parents so they don't have to admit they failed in their duties as caregivers. Their teens are emotionally damaged but the parents don't dare admit responsibility, so they blame their children for growing up maladjusted and shove more pills down Junior's throat so they don't have to deal with him tonight.

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  1. Where can I get some of those "shut-up-for-mommy" pills? LOL!!