Thursday, July 19, 2012

We are the proletariat

Few things incite human cruelty like the opportunity to look down on someone, to define yourself as better than someone else.

In my short time as a blogger, I have also become an avid commenter on the Huffington Post. Recently I have made some comments there that hold special relevance to the topic at hand. I'll be copy-pasting these here, so forgive the changes in font or size.

There's a reason why mall rent-a-cops and by-the-hour security so often act like fucking tyrants: that sudden elevation, the idea that you have power over others and that your former peers are suddenly lessors to you, unlocks the penchant for cruelty and abuse that all humans hold within themselves.

This led me to a revelation as recently as last night, which I will share with you now: I have always thought that it was an obligation for good people to believe that humanity is inherently good, but I actually found it more comforting, and more sensible, to remove that stigma of obligation. I have come to the conclusion, on seeing the effects of mob mentality and the ease with which humans fall into evil, that humanity is in actuality inherently evil, and it is only the exceptional people who can rise above this tendency toward malice and become good people.

Now, to return to the topic, what happens when someone hasn't just had power over his peers given to him yesterday, but has been told - and had these statements reinforced by the world at large - that the world owes him everything and he owes nothing in return?

Well, that's where Mitt Romney and, by extension, all Conservatives at large come into the picture. Ann Romney said that her family has given "all you people need to know about our finances." On the Huffington Post's article, I had this to say:

“The phrase, "you people," is the perfect representation of the Conservative mentality. We are not them, therefore we deserve nothing. Conservatives have established this dichotomous mentality not only against Liberals but against their own constituents. If you aren't filled to the gills with money and siding with Conservative ideals, you're "you people."

The policy hasn't even been one of, "Trust us, we know best"; that is too kind for Republicans. The policy has been, plain and simple, that they owe nothing to the American people. Not job creation, not information, not health care, not any sort of economic safety or assurance that we won't be stripped of our rights.

What a disgusting sentiment.”

Now, believe it or not, this madness continues. Further accentuating the divide that Republicans seek to perpetuate between those who question and those who follow blindly, happy in their position as serfs, a top Romney adviser stated in a press release that voters asking for Romney to clarify his policy on Afghanistan are attacking him and that "real Americans don't care about Afghanistan." I mean, holy shit, talk about your bourgeois bastards. If you so much as question them you're a potentially traitorous bad guy?

“Again, more of this divisive rhetoric intended to promote an "us and them" mentality. What, to these men and women who continue to use this phrase, does define a "real American"?
Is it something you're born into, a genetic hierarchy like the nobles of Europe?
Is it an alignment Republicans see as favorable, a racist mindset and an eagerness to harm others for the chance at personal gain?
Is it how much money you have?
Or is it a combination of all of the above, with the only "real Americans" being the richest and most cutthroat Conservatives, those same people who have sunk the US economy, promised to kill the government if their demands are not met, and gladly condemn to death the people they should be protecting just for the chance at power and wealth?”

“Obviously everything is an attack. They are under no obligation to share anything with us, so when we ask them a question they panic just as the French aristocracy did when the proletariat began to grow restless.

If we want answers, or even actual governance? That's overstepping our boundaries and downright treasonous. We should just shut up and sit down while they strip our rights and bleed us dry.”

I genuinely can't believe we're living in a society where this person is even tolerated to campaign for the presidency! Not to mention that Romney literally has no business even trying to be President. Regardless of whether he lied about his position at Bain during his bid for Massachusetts governorship or in his try for the presidency now, he has committed perjury, which is a federal crime. By American law, someone with a criminal record CANNOT be elected President. Period.


  1. Another great post!! Your comments on HuffPost are always insightful, informed, well written and AWESOME!!!
    Keep sharing and keep posting!

  2. I really agree with the points you make regarding "Us and them" I am so sick of that crap. If one truly cares about their country, one would most certainly promote unity, no?!