Monday, July 16, 2012

"I wash my hands of this weirdness."

News flash! Romney is linked to still more scandalous and politically damning corporate clusterfucks:

'Nother news flash! Romney's supporters don't give a good god damn!

...Seriously, I fucking give up. I'm tired of trying to educate the willfully stupid. Any political commentary I give from now on will be personal opinion, deconstruction of rhetoric and shitty arguments, or both. Bad, stupid people flock to the Republican party like flies to shit, and I really feel no remorse or fear hyperbole when I say that I will be fucking astounded if anyone decent still claims to support the Republican party. That is, anyone decent with half a goddamn brain.

Only the stupid and hateful can follow a party of such unadulterated evil, a group that would sacrifice the welfare of the very people it wishes to govern just for the chance to do things their way; and even then they'd still sacrifice the majority of us to feed their corporate tumors.

That's truly the best adjective to describe the Republican party nowadays. This isn't the modus operandi of an apex predator; one doesn't see a lion hoarding a hundred dead antelope and gorging himself on them every chance he gets. This is pure exploitation of human beings for the sake of exploitation, to gain power and wealth for its own sake. In fact, were I a more religious man...ah hell, I'll make the comparison anyway. The Republican party represents the seven deadly sins in their most crystallized form: greed, envy, lust, pride, sloth, wrath and gluttony. It's a rare day when I can be asked what's wrong with humanity and, with few exceptions or shortcomings, I can just point at Conservatives and say, "That."

...Despite what it might seem, I don't like to hate. I don't like feeling this way. That's why I share it on this blog; I have to vent it, to get the evil out of me. And if, in the process, I can open someone's eyes to the crimes against human nature that are being committed, all the better.
In the end, though - as I've said before - I'm only one man, and I can't do much on my own. Some people are gifted, through talent or luck or fate, to be the voice of the oppressed. I lack at least one of those gifts, so I'm just one more guy barking in the dark.

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  1. Excellent post Mr. Fox!! You really need to re-post this entry on websites everywhere. People need to read your stuff! Well done!